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Improve data collection and editing in the field while reducing mistakes and office-side quality checks

Mobile apps built using LMAP have Right First Time data collection and editing at their core. Our team of expert mobile developers create the app that fits your needs, increasing your ability to perform in-the-field validation without a data connection, and streamline processes from field to desk, reducing the need for quality control tasks back at the office, and maximizing the value of each site visit.

Collect, Correct, Confirm

Improve data collection and editing in the field whilst reducing mistakes and office-side quality checks.

Collect, Correct, Confirm

Improve data collection and editing in the field whilst reducing mistakes and office-side quality checks.

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Tailor-made applications for confidence and reduced mistakes

Whether your workforce are GIS users or not, apps built with LMAP are intuitive and easy-to-use.

The guided user interfaces and fully-customizable options give you a solution that’s right for your users and conforms to your workflows. LMAP can be leveraged to digitize your processes, packaged in a way that works for GIS and non-GIS users.

We’ll help you create an app that can improve your entire workflow from field to desk.

A simple, flexible framework for creating mobile apps

LMAP is a framework from which we can quickly deliver highly flexible, solution-targeted apps.

Our apps are designed around your business needs and created to deliver value by targeting specific and defined business processes or challenges.

Task-based thinking is built into the way we design, with the requirements for your business tasks leading the build process.

  • LMAP designs are as complex as you require, giving the marked benefit over full suite GIS products as LMAP apps feature your requirements alone
  • Task-based workflows mean that jobs can be user-assigned, giving you granular project management and increased control
  • Applications can be as targeted to single tasks as you require, from incident management, data collection and data correction to ecology or land surveys and much more besides

Future proof your data capture

Data sources and data formats within your organization can vary, and requirements can change. LMAP fully integrates with a wide range of data sources including GIS, finance, job and asset management.

LMAP and its data agnostic approach gives you the confidence that you are using a future proof solution, and the assurance that comes with a product that is not tied to a particular vendor for your data solution.

  • Support for a wide range of industry leading formats, including ArcGIS and Geoserver
  • Customizability ensures that the right data stores for your requirements are available

Validate at the point of capture

Our focus on ‘Right First Time’ technology means that the data you enter in the field is validated and ready for use right away.

Save valuable time by carrying out automatic data and spatial validation based on your own business rules. Ensure the entire workflow benefits from accurate, quality-driven data.

  • Eradicate the problems associated with the lack of accurately recorded field assets due to the limited or non-existent validation carried out on site
  • Improve the field editing process and minimize the quality assurance or control tasks required in the office
  • Harness the data confidence associated with validation to reduce time and costs across the workflow
  • Use data accuracy to drive environmental compliance through the reduction of repeat site visits and truck rolls

Rules-driven data capture

Our patented rules engine means you can validate your data at the point of capture, against your own assigned business rules, ensuring your data meets standards you define.

Online and offline capabilities mean that you can access your relevant data, regardless of a data connection. Any data recorded offline will seamlessly synchronize as soon as there is a data network available again.

  • Use the patented power of our 1Spatial rules engines on site, without a network connection
  • Enhance your ability to maintain regulatory compliance as field recorded data will conform to the standards you need
  • The powerful tooling for validation is client-side, enabling your team to validate the data they record, wherever they are

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