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"We could not have accomplished this without the support
of 1Spatial."

Sandi Stroud 9-1-1 Program Manager, State of Minnesota

Key Benefits:

  • Enables the State to provide the locals with a user friendly portal for data validation which produces a geospatial report identifying the issues and their exact location. The local entity can then download the report and bring it into their system of choice for data cleanup, making the process much easier and more efficient.
  • Provides the State with a dashboard to monitor how the locals are progressing over time (e.g. to show if their data is improving or declining) so the State can further support those who are struggling. The State can also see if particular validation rules are causing the majority of user issues, enabling the State to provide further guidance/education on those particular requirements.

The State of Minnesota has contracted with 1Spatial to implement their public safety data supply chain workflow leveraging 1Spatial’s Public Safety NG9-1-1 Enterprise Solution, which incorporates 1Integrate and 1Data Gateway, as a validation engine and data aggregator for their NG9-1-1 data readiness work. NG9-1-1 enhances a call center’s ability to more accurately route calls and emergency responders, receive actionable intelligence and location data in real time, expand communication and back up support, and improve system resiliency.

State of Minnesota

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State of Minnesota