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A move to the Utility Network is like any data migration in many ways, but different in others. It has a big reliance on data quality which is why it's important to clean your data before migrating it and validate it before publication.

The Utility Network model is very flexible and extensible and you must design the right model for your organisation today and the future. That's why this is a process that is not to be taken lightly, and the time spent getting this right will save lots of time later down the line.

With the UN Migration App we utilise the Asset Package to ensure an iterative approach – it is unlikely that you’ll get it right first time! Combined with the UN Readiness App and the UN Validation App you can rinse and repeat efficiently. This way we are working in a ‘staging’ database and can build up confidence before we publish into the Esri system.

The migration itself is a case of mapping from your data's current schema to the new Utility Network model. This process is data-driven and can be tweaked with each iteration until you are happy that you have the right target model. As well as mapping the data, considerations around the Utility Network rules must also be made. Decisions made at this stage will determine how much of the Esri functionality is available to you. With the UN Migration App, we can propose which rules should be configured based on the geometric relationships within your data.

Key Features

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • No software to install
    • Quick and easy to get started
    • Secure platform
    • Can be installed on-premise if required
  • Data-driven schema mapping
  • Utilise the Asset Package to iterate quickly
  • A configurable rules engine
  • UN Rule proposals to save time
  • Data quality is wrapped around the process when combined with UN Readiness and UN Validation
Customer Success Story

1Spatial assisting Hunter Water for Utility Network Migration

Hunter Water’s GIS Lead, Sam De Lore, said, “Through our partnership with 1Spatial, we have seen a major improvement to our data quality, migration & validation processes. Prior to the implementation of the 1Spatial tools, we were limited to reactively fixing errors identified by the data migration after it was complete. Initially, this was yielding high error counts impacting testing & the development of critical integrations. We are now able to assess our source data before, during and after the migration process with the tools designed and configured by the 1Spatial team.”


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