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Mapping new territory

NMAs are recognized in every country as the custodians of authoritative, geographic data and enablers of economic growth. And their role is evolving.

The explosion in data generally, and geospatial data in particular, is driving demand for NMAs’ services along three dimensions:

  • The increasing prevalence of geospatial data in everyday life
  • The need for an authoritative source of geospatial data
  • The growth of emerging markets

Today, NMAs are under pressure. Their customers (government departments, defence departments, citizens and commercial users) want more. Recognition of the value of geospatial data has grown with the increasing prevalence of locationaware products and services, such as smartphones and social media. There is a growing demand for authoritative data, but users also want it to be ever more current. And in a variety of formats.

Faced with increasing demand and decreasing budgets, some successful NMAs are exploring new territory. As the focus of mapping has moved from paper maps to digital, geospatial objects, they are adopting new approaches to maintaining the quality of their critical data. Organisations like Ordnance Survey, Ordnance Survey Ireland and the German Lander consortium Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Vermessungsverwaltungen der Länder der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (AdV) are adopting automated, rules-based approaches that deliver greater accuracy, faster.

By automating data management processes, these agencies can focus their expertise on innovation, finding new ways to meet demand for authoritative geospatial information; helping to make their national economies smarter.

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