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The city of Marseille wanted to improve decision-making by giving city managers easier access to consistent and authoritative geospatial data.

1Spatial provided a solution proving 2,600 users with access to a single, central data warehouse, using Elyx Web. City managers can now access 1,000 layers of geospatial data, assured of its consistency and reliability.  As a result, the city is finding even more ways to use spatial data to improve decision-making.

Case Study

Marseille creates a central source of geospatial truth

“The Web solution lets us centralise IT management and save time by not updating every workstation individually. It also has big advantages for how users access different services. Before, everything was done on separate PC applications. The web was only used for sharing results. Now, thanks to the 1Spatial solution, we even get to do the drawing over the Web.”

Pascal Giansily GIS Manager, Marseille


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