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The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) makes payments of over £2 billion per year to farmers, traders and land owners, under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, to support farmers’ incomes and rural development. Many farmers rely on the payments, therefore prompt, accurate payments are essential.

Data for the Rural Payment service is collected and managed through two components: A Customer Portal and the Land Management System (LMS). The LMS holds the geospatial master data, including 2.5 million land parcels and 3.4 million land cover records required to manage farm payments. It is supported by a team of land digitisers who convert farmers’ paper submissions into geospatial data and manage any subsequent changes, updates or corrections. The LMS enables the verification of changes using remotely sensed geospatial data (such as aerial photography) and farm inspections.

2023 Case Study

Providing confidence that correct subsidy payments can be made to farmers, traders, and landowners

“Last year, the amount of field officer data pack failures were reduced by a third compared to previous years. This improvement was delivered through the 1Spatial 1Edit product. 1Spatial’s familiarity with our Land Management System processes was invaluable in terms of getting the required data out of our systems and onto the field officer devices.”

Brian O'Toole Rural Payments Agency, Geospatial Lead, Geospatial Team
Case Study

Supporting The Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and Rural Development Schemes

“1Spatial’s involvement has helped us meet our performance targets and move towards our goal of becoming an increasingly digital and data-driven organisation.”

Rupert Waite Rural Payments Agency, Geographic Information, Technology, Strategy and Policy Manager


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