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At 1Spatial we actively encourage our customers to be self-sufficient with the FME platform if they have the resources and the wherewithal to do so. One of the ways we enable this is through our accredited FME training programme and that’s why we’ve always invested in our trainers. 

We like to think we have some of the most experienced and long serving Certified FME Trainers and users in the business. They can help guide the more experienced on the right path and enable newer users to get the full benefits of FME more quickly through the right kind of training and mentoring.

In the UK, prior to 2020, we typically delivered courses bespoke to our customers needs at the client's workplace or one of our training centres around the UK. 2020 on the other hand, was “a little different”. 

Despite the challenges of the past 12 months, 2020 saw the FME division embark on a successful programme of FME training courses for our customers, online. We’ve offered the same personal touch and expertise (sometimes to people who wouldn’t previously have been able to travel) and our trainers have ‘virtually’ appeared in delegates front rooms, back bedrooms, and garages to deliver our classroom style training.

Like everyone else, we had to navigate our way round to find a new way of working and we are proud to say that we have been able to provide the same level of commitment and expertise from our Certified FME Training team as we would, had it been in-person. That’s in no small part due to our FME Certified Trainers’ wealth of experience providing mentoring, training, technical support, and consultancy services working alongside our customers every day

Our trainers’ deliver a range of standard FME training courses but are also flexible to be able to adapt the content to meet changing business requirements. It’s our trainer’s expertise that enables this flexibility, often real-time whilst on a course, being able to adapt a scenario to answer a delegate’s question. 

We don’t just read from the training manual; we try to contextualise the scenarios to suit the audience. It’s this expertise that we feel makes us that little bit unique, because our training team all have a minimum of 10 years each working with the FME platform. We make sure that our most experienced FME staff will always be in the training room to greet you.

Joining one of our online courses with the same global certified trainers’ you’d have met in person. You will learn how to manage your data as well as your translation and transformation challenges as efficiently as possible. You can even meet our trainers’ here in advance of the course.

Prior to joining us, our training coordinator will ensure that delegates joining remotely on a range of training platforms are familiar and comfortable with their use. Access and collaboration tools are tested and explained to ensure a seamless training experience happens on the day from the moment you arrive

The feedback we have received from customers has been more positive than we could have imagined:

Very well run and well-paced. Nice mix of exercises and talked-through examples on screen. Lots of opportunities for questions.

Slightly different to an in-person course, but actually worked very well. Lots of interaction between people; and no travel time needed to a neutral venue for the course.

Matt Booker, Halliburton

If you would like to learn more, our online training course schedule for 2021 can be found here.

Details of our upcoming webinars and the much-anticipated FME World Fair events in May, here. 

We’d be delighted if you could join us as we journey through 2021.