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Tell us about yourself? 

I’ve been at 1Spatial 5 years now, but I started as a Technical Author and moved to my current role as Product Manager in 2018. In that time I’ve also helped manage our Quality Management System and learned a lot about the business, working with various teams sitting at 6 different desks (not including my current desk working from home).

Fun fact about you?

I asked my team what I should write for this, and their immediate response was my superhuman ability to remember birthdays. Not only of friends and family, but of obscure celebrities and people I’ve never met. I’m just quite good at remembering dates, I’m not sure why.

What do you enjoy most about working at 1Spatial?

It’s a cliché but I think we work hard and play hard. We’ve got an active social committee and a great community spirit. There also plenty of opportunity to grow and initiative is rewarded.

Which of the 1Spatial Products do you manage and what does it do?

I manage 1Integrate, 1Integrate for ArcGIS and the 1Spatial Management Suite; our core data validation and enhancement products. 1Integrate brings the power of our patented rules engine to your location data, delivering automated data validation, cleaning, transformation and enhancement. It gives you confidence in your data by assessing its quality, ensuring it meets defined specifications and is fit for purpose.

What is the best feature and benefit of 1Integrate?

1Integrate allows you to easily create and maintain a library of rules to which your data must conform, and requires no programming knowledge. You can automatically highlight and fix geometries and attributes, enabling you to remain confident that your data is compliant to the standards you set or your regulatory requirements. This process can also be used to automate a variety of different projects such as the transformation of schematics, generalisation and positional accuracy improvement.

What do you love most about the product team you work with?

Team Rocket thrive under pressure and I can always rely on them to go the extra mile and get the work done. We’re a close knit team, and coming to work always feels like meeting up with friends. (And yes, we named ourselves after the Pokémon villains.)

If you were given an airline ticket to go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Like many, my travel plans were cancelled this year. I missed out on a few trips including visiting a bear sanctuary in Romania, so I’d probably go there. Or… in case he is reading this…I’d like to resume my plans to visit my dear friend and colleague in the US – Iain Brackenridge!