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Cambridge, UK, 22 February 2022, ( 1Spatial, a global leader in Location Master Data Management (LMDM) software and solutions, is delighted to make the Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies of 2022 list and be recognised as one of the ‘best geospatial companies across the planet’. The award, now in its fifth year, was organised by Geoawesomeness, and has seen over 1,000 companies being considered for the list since 2019.

The winners were announced after a lengthy and tough selection process decided by 12 panellists. Judges included the CEO of Open Geospatial Consortium, the Chair of the Association for Geographic Information in UK, the Head of Section Consumer Solutions,, and the International Lead at The Geospatial Commission.

Other organisations listed in the top 100 are Airbus, Esri, Google and Microsoft.

Claire Milverton, CEO of 1Spatial, commented: “We are delighted that 1Spatial has made it to the top 100 Geospatial companies of 2023 and thrilled to be recognised alongside many of our partners, blue chip companies and past winners. 1Spatial’s vision is to help our customers make better use of data and ensure it is fit for purpose – even if the data is held in disparate formats and repositories. This award highlights the far-reaching global impact 1Spatial has across a variety of industries and endorses our capabilities and innovative technology within the geospatial landscape.”

The submission looked at how the entrants’ solutions help to solve the key problems organisations face using geospatial data and technologies. 1Spatial’s Location Master Data Management (LMDM) approach allows it to connect all elements of the data ecosystem together, putting data governance and data quality at the heart of its solutions. 1Spatial’s solutions produce huge economic efficiencies for its customers, delivering time and cost-savings often unequalled by other available solutions.

Collaboration and partnerships were also important factors in the submission and are core to 1Spatial’s work. 1Spatial values and supports collaborative projects that are part of a bigger data ecosystem, for example the National Underground Asset Register (a single digital map of underground pipes and cables) which aims to reduce utility strikes and improve efficiencies and worker safety. Partnerships are invaluable and enable 1Spatial to tap into a diverse range of technologies to best meet the needs of its customers.

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