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Harry Sturley, GIS Consultant - 1Spatial’s Managed Geocortex Service

Location is key in the building and maintenance of Transportation infrastructure, from managing the acquisition of compulsorily acquired land, tracking contractors’ access to site, or engaging with external stakeholders.

The challenge for project-based organisations joint ventures is how they setup and manage the IT infrastructure and applications associated to the delivery of a GIS, whilst delivering a seamless service to their stakeholders, and offering the capability needed to support the demands of a growing project.

1Spatial’s Managed Geocortex service provides you with the best of breed web mapping capability, hosted in a secure cloud environment and delivered to you and your stakeholders in a dependable and stable manner.

At 1Spatial we can offer Geocortex as a Software as a Service solution where we manage the entire software suite for you, through to an Infrastructure as a solution where we manage the hosting environment and you control the software yourselves, allowing you to easily and simply harness the simple to use GIS capabilities and feature rich web and mobile viewers offered by Geocortex.

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