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Geocortex Analytics

Understand use patterns, quantify and report on GIS infrastructure return-on-investment using near-real-time data analysis.

Geocortex Analytics provides a comprehensive picture of your GIS infrastructure, so you can ensure peak performance, keep users happy, and avoid interruptions. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, Geocortex Analytics is likely a good fit to help you alleviate the pain:

  • Your end-users are not working at an optimal level. They may be inefficient at performing spatial business tasks.
  • IT or GIS administrators are having trouble supporting their end users. G
  • IS and IT are unable to understand where to focus resources for maximum results.

Geocortex Analytics optimisation tools help you understand how users are using your apps and services, so you can increase effectiveness and maximise productivity. Geocortex Analytics includes reports for individual users’ sessions, in-app help and performance and reliability improvements.

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