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Geocortex Workflow 2021

Discover how Geocortex Workflow can automate your business processes. Geocortex Workflow transforms how customers approach application development and process automation.

Most enterprise business processes (simple or complex) can be turned into a set of simple, guided end-user interactions. Customers can extend their Geocortex or Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS applications by chaining together pre-built activities.

Don’t adapt your processes to the technology - with Geocortex Workflow you can make technology conform to YOUR processes. Even the most complex business processes can be streamlined as a set of guided interactions. Instead of writing code to build widgets that meet custom application requirements, choose from a library of more than 200 pre-built activities that chain together to automate almost any task.

Not only does Geocortex Workflow allow you to extend your Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS applications, it makes maintaining and upgrading custom widgets easier. Rather than having to update each application that uses a custom widget, you can simply update the source workflow in Geocortex Workflow Designer and the changes are pushed to each application that uses that workflow.

Workflows allow you to modify application behaviour without having to redeploy entire applications or code. More than 1500 organisations world-wide have put their trust in the Geocortex technology, across a multitude of sectors including Government, Utilities, Transport and Energy. Join our webinar to learn why these organisations chose to grow with the Geocortex product portfolio, future proofing their investment with highly configurable, re-useable components that extend the ESRI stack.

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