What about Data Innovation? How to focus on the future, now.

April 18, 2019

You may have heard it said within your own organisation, ‘I’ve got so much data I don’t know what to do with it, I need to innovate’. It might sound funny, yet I know what they mean. There’s so much going on. All the time. We are all being encouraged to innovate, yet sometimes it feels like we just need 5 minutes to stop, take stock and think. Written by Martin Shaw, Senior Account Manager.

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GPS Rollover Week

April 04, 2019

Accurate data underpins the modern economy The Global Positioning System (GPS) Rollover Week begins this Saturday 6th April. What does that even mean I hear you cry? It means that there is a chance your GPS device might start acting a bit weird. Jumping backwards in time………. not literally, sorry budding time travellers!

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€1m Irish land contract and OS deals for 1Spatial

January 29, 2019

Cambridge-based geospatial software business 1Spatial has won a four-year €1 million contract with Ireland’s Property Registration Authority (PRA). It has also been awarded a three-year framework contract as a key development partner to support Ordnance Survey (OS) on an ambitious…

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How geospatial influences our daily lives

January 21, 2019

Think about geospatial and you may think of national mapping agencies like Ordnance Survey, of defence satellites or high-end processes deep inside big industry in the present and for the future. The truth is that geospatial is here and now and improving our lives every day. Here are seven examples of “common or garden” geospatial.

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Are you sitting on a geospatial geyser?

January 11, 2019

The potential of geospatial data as a source of value is limited only by our imagination … and our ability to manage its increasing volume. Up to £11 billion a year of economic opportunity could be unlocked by using geospatial data more productively. That’s according to UK Government analysis which quotes Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond as saying:

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A Day in the Life of … Head of Development

December 17, 2018

I love a cycle ride in on a sunny morning as the sun comes up. 1Spatial is only ten minutes from home. It’s not going to make me fit, but the ride helps me get my plans straight for the day ahead. I got used to early starts when I worked cross-site with a team in India and it still works well for me.

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Blog: Follow up to the published Open Data Institute “UK’s geospatial data infrastructure: challenges and opportunities” report

December 11, 2018

Matthew White, Senior Business Development Manager at 1Spatial follows up this report, by focusing on geospatial data infrastructures powering geospatial readiness. The Open Data Institute (ODI) report summarises the desk research carried out as part of the ODI’s project to explore challenges that face the UK’s geospatial data infrastructure, and opportunities to support the publishing and use of openly licensed geospatial data.

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