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Signing, lighting, and guarding layouts plus inventory lists produced according to industry rules and standards – automatically, quickly, at low cost and effort. Traffic Management Plans at their best.

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Key Benefits

Automate the fast production of Traffic Management Plans: Saving time and money

Typical methods of creating traffic management plans are manual and often involve long production and turnaround times, high production costs, and the need for multiple iterations to make amendments and correct mistakes. This puts a strain on your resources and causes avoidable delays with costly implications. Automate the process using 1Integrate, and reduce the time taken to create a standard traffic management plan from hours or days to minutes or even seconds.

Ensure consistent implementation of the rules: Applies the "Red book" - Safety at Street Works and Road Works – A Code of Practice

Traffic management plans are commonly produced in the form of a CAD drawing provided by specialists or third-parties. This manual method can involve long production times and high production costs. It can also result in traffic management plans that vary widely in their style and layout. Our solution ensures all traffic management plans are produced using a standardised set of rules. This ensures there is a consistent quality in how the plans are generated and the layouts that they produce.

Automate the production of accompanying Inventory of Equipment: Know what signs, lights and guarding equipment a traffic management plan needs

Our solution ensures all traffic management plans include an accompanying Inventory of Equipment, listing all the sign, lights, and guarding equipment required.

Signing, lighting, and guarding layouts plus inventory lists produced according to industry rules and standards – automatically, quickly, at low cost and effort.

  • How many opening notices do you produce per year that require a traffic management plan?
  • Can you produce them almost instantly and automatically?

Our Traffic Management Plan Automation (TMPA) cloud-based SaaS solution automates the production of traffic management plans and layout inventory lists. TMPA ensures your plans implement the "Red Book" rules on signing, lighting, and guarding that health and safety requirements impose regarding the welfare of workers and the public.

Using TMPA you can significantly shorten the time, effort, and cost it takes to produce traffic management plans that are standard, consistent, and adhere to the code of practice.

Case Study

Making the planning of street works safer, more consistent and more cost effective

“The ability for our own designers, planners and engineers to generate traffic management plans, at the click of a button, is a potential game-changer for the industry. Working together, Northern Gas Networks combined their technical expertise with 1Spatial’s automation technology to produce this award-winning and innovative system.”

Richard Hynes-Cooper Head of Innovation, Northern Gas Networks

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