1Transact allows data updates to be conducted in their own private “workspace”.

It provides long-transaction management with optimistic locking and conflict management for feature data in an Oracle database (using Oracle Workspace Manager) or a PostgreSQL database. The product guarantees data integrity throughout the entire lifecycle of the job, whilst allowing more than one person to edit data in the same region.

1Transact can be used to:

  • Shield your users from other concurrent database changes
  • Ensure that your production data is in an always-publishable and validated state
  • Create a history of data checkpoints to allow views of the data at snapshots in time
  • Utilise scalable Oracle Workspace Manager technology
  • Utilise PostgreSQL databases
  • Organise complex work programmes using hierarchies of workspaces (parent – child)
  • Maximise your data access through optimistic locking (users can extract the same features in multiple jobs)
  • Detect conflicts automatically (updates to the same feature by more than one user)
  • Optionally resolve simple conflicts automatically, only alerting users to true attribute or geometric conflicts
  • Allow users to resolve individual conflicts allowing them to nominate data from the current job, the conflicting job, the original data or a combination of these
  • Merge groups of edits in a simple, atomic ‘all or nothing’ operation to guarantee edit integrity
  • Find the changes that have been made to the data between different checkpoints, allowing change-only publication.


  • Increase productivity by enabling users to edit data in jobs that are in close proximity to each other or in the same area without blocking or conflicting with each other
  • Increase product release frequency because the data is ‘product-ready’ at all times
  • Reduce risk by moving data to the live database in a single step, guaranteeing that the system can be recovered to a consistent state
  • Increase productivity by allowing the automation of workspace management
  • Reduce risk by preventing one user from accidentally overwriting another user’s edits.

1Transact can collaborate with:

  • 1Exchange to isolate extraction and submission from other users
  • 1Workflow to support full automation of the job lifecycle
  • 1Integrate to support incremental change in product generation.

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