1Plan provides a web-based environment allowing you to create, edit, schedule and allocate survey jobs.

It also allows you to track the progress of jobs as they move through the 1Spatial Management Suite.

1Plan can be used to:

  • Create jobs by digitising and editing spatial extents and defining metadata
  • Manage created jobs (schedule, assign to users, cancel, re-assign, revoke)
  • Visualise jobs in real-time and view their extent and current status
  • Search for jobs based on metadata values
  • Utilise existing Web Feature Services (WFS) as input for job extent definition
  • Utilise existing Web Map Service (WMS) for backdrop mapping
  • Display change intelligence information to assist job planning
  • Search user-specified gazetteer data to find locations such as streets, towns or municipalities
  • Access all job metadata from external systems via web services.


  • Improve your productivity by rapidly being able to respond to real-world change
  • Reduce your costs by efficiently managing data capture tasks
  • Increase confidence by providing accurate, relevant job information for data capture tasks
  • Improve accuracy by allowing you to make informed decisions about job planning and scheduling
  • Reduce your infrastructure costs by eliminating the need for desktop software installation and maintenance
  • Increase efficiency by easily and effectively managing the work of surveyors and editors.

1Plan can collaborate with:

  • 1Workflow to support full automation of the job lifecycle
  • 1Exchange to create job packages containing all data needed for your jobs.

More information

For more information about 1Plan or any of the other products within the 1Spatial Management Suite, please contact us.