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Smarter Data, Smarter World

In our Little Book of Spatial Data Quality, we explore how geospatial data is increasingly central to decision-making for both business and the consumer. As the old industry adage says, everything happens somewhere and location data is often the only common point linking disparate sets of data.

Ensuring data quality is critical and organizations are beginning to treat this as an ongoing process, rather than a discrete project. They are deploying solutions that automate their data quality and data management procedures, to benefit from:

  • Dramatically reduced cost of quality
  • Much faster time to value
  • In-house experts freed up to drive value and innovation
  • Reduction in manual errors.

1Spatial has a wealth of experience working with the largest geospatial databases in the world. Our unique, rules-based approach delivers enterprise-scale, cross-platform, automation to all stages of the data lifecycle. It builds confidence in the data while reducing the time and cost of management.

We help land management and national mapping agencies, transportation organzations, utility companies, defence departments and the governments of countries, regions and cities to collect, store, manage and interpret location-specific information. Our open approach to data excellence ensures that our tools, processes and the data we manage work seamlessly with other leading players in the geospatial sector.

To learn more about how we could help you develop smarter data for a smarter world, download our little book today or contact us.

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