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The amount of data flowing between HS2 and its supply chain is growing in coverage, size and complexity.

Ecological, archeologically, evasive species data are all mandated for capture by HS2 as part of a set of 18 different enablement phase ‘datasets’.

Due to the number of parties involved in this data capture process and the different manual approaches used in checking data quality, errors inevitably find their way into the data submitted to HS2, frequently resulting in rejected data submissions.

“Current success rates for data submissions to HS2 from JVs are estimated to be around 20%.”

Managing HS2 supply chain data may have raised a number of questions for you:

  • How can I be sure that the data submitted to me by my supply chain is complete, correct and consistent?
  • How can I be sure that the data I am submitting to HS2 is complete, correct and consistent?
  • Will early adoption of automation help drive further innovation?
  • Why are my team spending so much time manually validating and re-validating data?

1Spatial is a leading data quality assurance organisation, helping HS2 supply chain organisations work more; efficiently, safely, and environmentally sensitively, through the delivery of innovative, accessible and collaboratively driven, data quality products and services. We work with extended data supply chains globally associated with clients such as US Census, Network Rail and Ordnance Survey Great Britain.

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