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Powerful 2D & 3D visualisation for infrastructure and building asset management

1Realworld is a powerful and versatile cloud solution for optimal building facilities and infrastructure asset management. Easily store, manage, visualise and analyse 2D and 3D graphical data, as well as asset documentation - directly from you web browser. Create virtual digital 'real-worlds' (digital twins) of your physical assets, using GIS (Geographical Information System), BIM (Building Information Modelling), and automated data management processes, saving time and money on managing your buildings and infrastructure assets. Deliver confidence in your asset management processes and ensure a strong return of investment with advanced digital asset data management.

1RealWorld GIS and BIM Digital Twins
1RealWorld GIS and BIM Digital Twins

Key features

Create and manage 3D digital twins from 2D plans

  • 1Realworld optimises the technical management of built assets by creating a direct link between 2D data and a 3D digital model
  • Model and manage your data in 2D, then create a 3D model of your building without leaving your web browser
  • Get precision views of your 2D plans in 3D, enabling you to validate the accuracy and consistency of your data
  • Seamlessly navigate between 2D and 3D and indoors (buildings, premises, network, equipment) and outdoors (civil engineering, green spaces, parcels, road)
  • Produce a 2D data repository from BIM models or IFCs to use in GIS applications

Centralise all your files for easy access and physical traceability

  • 1Realworld brings together all your sources of building information (GIS data, paper plans,  AutoCAD and Revit files etc) into one database for easy access and control
  • Create a repository of reference documents using a common building reference system that ensures the uniformity of your entire real estate artefacts

Navigate in 3D inside, outside, above ground and underground

  • Easily track the exact location of all building assets in 3D (such as computer networks, water and sanitation networks, HVAC, telecommunications, lightbulbs, underground cables etc) for maintenance or operations purposes
  • Extract data from the 3d model to update and modify in 2d

Ensure compliance with energy, health and safety requirements

  • Automatically generate energy performance diagnostics and Asbestos diagnostics from the information in the 3D model to develop an active maintenance plan.
  • Improve the maintenance of your assets by quickly creating a maintenance plan using 3D survey data, IFC files or CAD plans

Manage spaces, assets, and networks in a 2D/3D business application

  • Export 2D plans from your 3D model to modify and analyse the plans in the GIS and BIM applications
  • Review components that have been modified in your dataset for digital modification
  • Edit data in a 2D application using customised forms
  • Share a 2D or 3D data repository with third party applications such as CMMS
  • Integrate CAD drawings/2DGIS and 3D BIM models
  • Create a BIM exchange platform to import and export 3D data that adheres to the IFC exchange standard

Access insightful statistics and dashboards

  • Easily monitor and control the use of space and physical assets across multiple floors in multiple buildings
  • Quickly generate reports on vital information related to your assets (for example energy diagnosis plans, occupation rates, or maintenance operations)
  • Create and edit your KPIs using our intuitive dashboards or export formatted reports for more detailed analysis (xlsx, pdf, docx, html, xml)
  • Evaluate performance using maps and plans (mass, occupancy, works, signage, emergency, monitoring of interventions, etc.)
  • Monitor statistics: automatic calculation of areas in m2, land allocation, occupancy rate, cost per m2

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