Maintaining public trust in the electoral system and government decision-making. Automated data management of administrative boundaries achieves this. 


  • Save time and money on critical but time-consuming administrative boundary data projects
  • Easily edit shared boundaries with our topologically-aware, one-touch editing tool
  • Minimise the time that critical boundary data is unavailable to users
  • Automate routine changes and quickly take control for unique scenarios


The Challenge

Ensuring that national mapping agencies maintain authoritative data that is up to date, in a world that is ever-changing.

It is vitally important to keep the system of record up to date, whilst ensuring the accuracy and transparency of the data. The biggest challenge that agencies face, is data being submitted that is inaccurate or invalid, which costs the agency time and money to correct.

Boundary editing can be a slow, inefficient and error-prone process. Where areas are hierarchical – for example, parish to district to county to region – even a small, local change quickly becomes a large and complex data management task. This is even more complex where the system is only partially hierarchical and local deviations are required.

Manipulating large, high resolution data-sets requires massive processing power and many of today’s inflexible tools demand a disproportionate degree of expert intervention to maintain the data.

The Solution

A simpler way to manage district boundaries

The accuracy and integrity of administrative boundaries is a critical system of record. Changes to this foundation data can affect the legal rights of citizens and the allocation of government funds. Yet, change is constant. Boundaries are changed by law, but they are also altered by changes to real world features – coastlines erode, streams and rivers change course.

GPS surveying technology adds an additional layer of change. As the location of physical features gets more accurately defined, their position relative to other features can change and therefore, historical boundary definitions need to be updated.

Maintaining data integrity is vital, but even small local boundary changes can become hugely complex data maintenance projects. A steady stream of incremental changes requires an ongoing, resource-heavy process of updates.

1Spatial technology takes you beyond the traditional, brute force approach to managing this. The Boundaries Solution has specific functionality to handle the demands of editing and managing large, complex hierarchical boundary data-sets.

It combines the following key elements:

  • An easy to use interface for managers and editors
  • User-defined, automated rules that reach beyond topology to manage data changes according to your unique needs
  • A combination of a transparent auditing trail and data validation

The Result

Making best use of all your resources: computing power and skilled personnel, the solution delivers the flexibility to deviate where necessary and the constraint to avoid inadvertent errors. Ultimately, we help you maintain trust in your data.

We have a long history of working with national mapping agencies, cadastral agencies and other users of complex geospatial data around the world.

Our clients include: Ordnance Survey Great Britain, Ordnance Survey Ireland and Property Registration Authority of Ireland, the US Census Bureau, the UK Ministry of Defence, the National Trust, a selection of German Mapping Authorities, Swedish Maritime Administration, Land Information New Zealand and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

We enjoy long-term partnerships with many of these agencies and help them manage data assets of critical national importance.


Benefits continued… 

  • Quick validation of results and identify exceptions
  • Efficiently process large and complex geospatial data-sets
  • Create and maintain your own rules to validate data according to specific, local requirements
  • Automatically recognise and safely merge spatially disjoint changes
  • Pre-set changes to take effect at a future, pre-determined time
  • Make effective use of experts’ time with on-the-fly validation


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