Transport and Infrastructure

Getting people to their end destinations safely, sustainably and on time

We work in all areas of rail, road and air – from survey and construction to operations and maintenance – helping businesses and government agencies unlock the value in accurate and current spatial and non-spatial data. Our aim is to improve the quality of our customers data sets and ensure organisations are able to effectively manage complex supply chains, whilst delivering a dependable service that improves the overall customer experience. We want to be able to successfully do this, whilst reducing carbon emissions and environmental impacts for the transportation industry.

We work collaboratively with our customers, to maintain their asset data and ensure a connected network that has the capacity to meet future demands.


Solution: Supply Chain Data Quality

This solution drives consistency of data quality into extended supply chains, allowing organisations to validate data at source, checking for completeness, correctness and consistency, before it is submitted back up the supply chain. This reduces process complexity and cost in supply chain data processing as well as increased throughput of data from capture to decision making, resulting in reduced risk of time and cost overruns, regulatory fines or catastrophe system failures caused by poor data.

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Solution: Next Generation 911

This solution was driven by a US government requirement that 911 data must meet 90% of the new NENA (National Emergency Number Association) standard by 2020 which requires geospatial data as a key component. This is critical as lives depend upon the quality of this data to be accurate and up to date. 1Spatial’s product 1Integrate, greatly enhances the process of knowing where your data issues lie. It uses a bespoke rules-based engine to reduce the risk of missed errors and removes subjectivity of data validation.

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Solution: Highway Performance Monitoring System

Ensuring that organisation’s data is compliant with the required rules, within their jurisdiction.

This automatic validation solution enables organisations to meet the HPMS guidelines and meet the required deadlines, by submitting data that your organisation can rely on. Improving operational efficiency, saving both time and resource. Turning an arduous event, in to a simple and continuous process.

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What it is like to work with 1Spatial…

We are passionate about data and work collaboratively with our customers to find the best solution for their business needs by unlocking the value of their data. We offer an open and honest partnership with our customers, taking the time to understand our customers needs and strive to build a solution or application that can overcome their challenges.

We want our work to make a difference! To our customers and the world around them… together making a safer, smarter and more sustainable world for everyone.



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