Automated Schematics

Automatically generate schematics from your asset data


  • Automate the generation of schematic diagram based on pre-defined zones or network  areas
  • Configurable rules that can be targeted to specific schematic requirements
  • A solution optimised for fast production without loss of accuracy
  • Schematic generation process which can be run regularly (e.g. every night) or on-demand when the data changes

The Challenge

Utilities have used schematic diagrams operationally for many years. However, as the current process of updating the schematics is manual, it is incredibly difficult, time consuming and costly to maintain a centralised set of up to date schematic diagrams. Typically, engineers use old versions that they supplement with their own local knowledge and experience.

This poses challenges when schematic diagrams are required for use in planning, emergency response situations or by less experienced engineers. Without a clearly depicted diagram of the assets showing their impact on the rest of the network, there can be serious health and safety implications for engineers and impacted customers. Continually updating schematic diagrams manually, combined with the risk of incorrect or out of date information, is a multi-million pound problem for utility companies.

The Solution

1Spatial’s Automated Schematics Solution generates schematic diagrams from the organisation’s live asset repository. This enables the production of accurate, up to date schematic diagrams on-demand,  as a complete set of schematic diagrams or for specific network zones. What’s more, this enables a unified standard of schematic diagrams whilst removing the possibility of human error.

1Spatial’s Automated Schematics solution combines advanced machine-learning techniques, such as simulated annealing, with intelligent contextual-awareness and user-defined rules to create a set of simplified schematic data.

The core solution provides the following functionality:

  • Asset straightening
  • Asset separation
  • Gap creation as crossings
  • Call out boxes
  • Output to your existing GIS (mobile and desktop) or PDF

The Result

This solution automates the creation of complex schematics, that can be updated in line with the asset data, ensuring schematic diagrams are consistently accurate. This not only improves user’s confidence in data but improves the safety of your workforce and creates operational efficiencies. The automated solution aids quicker incident response and ensures the workforce can better focus their efforts.

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