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Successfully migrate to ArcGIS Utility Network with 1Spatial

Your network data underpins your whole business. It’s your most important asset.

January 2024. Are you ready for it? It seems a long time away, but if your network data is managed in ArcGIS as a geometric network, it’s time to act. You will need to plan your network data’s migration strategy to the new ArcGIS Utility Network, Esri’s next generation spatial information system for electric, gas, water, wastewater and telecommunication networks.

With Esri committing to support ArcGIS Utility Network for the next 15-20 years, you will need to migrate your network data working with 1Spatial’s trusted technology partner team. This will protect your investment in, and enhance the value of, your network data and avoid the costs of supporting an otherwise retired data management model.

“To give you time to prepare for a migration to the new utility network, we will continue to support ArcMap and the geometric network, including a new release this summer [2018]… our 10.6.1 release, which will continue to support ArcMap and the geometric network…. It will also be supported until January 2024”

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Migrating your network data to ArcGIS Utility Network is a complex, intensive and strategic process. ArcGIS Utility Network can help you to leverage the power of the entire ArcGIS Enterprise. Migration will require planning to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

De-risk your migration

Migration takes time and effort, which costs money. How much depends on how you go about migrating from old to new. As specialists in location data management, with decades of experience, 1Spatial inherently understands location and utility network data.

It’s all in the approach

1Spatial take a systems thinking approach to the ArcGIS Utility Network migration, using our dedicated tools and expertise we will;

  • Review your readiness to migrate using a proven process. A detailed ‘health check’ of your current network data will identify any limitations and we will help you decide on the extent of the data model
  • Assess your network data in terms of its quality, connectivity and completeness, as well as assessing existing and future integrations between your network data and other business systems
  • Plan and prioritise the migration and data quality management so that it is iteratively migrated to validate and improve ArcGIS Utility Network to achieve your data quality outcomes
  • Do the refactoring of workflows and business processes around the new model and a new set of tools

Working collaboratively to design your ArcGIS Utility Network configuration, our agile approach will quickly prove the value of the ArcGIS Utility Network. We iteratively deliver working outputs that can be used for validating workflows, creating integration harnesses, preparing for business change and showcasing new tools to the organisation.

This will also ensure you experience a smooth transition, as we keep your network data synchronised between old and new network models to allow dual running and incremental adoption until your whole organisation is ready to move to ArcGIS Utility Network.

1Spatial will develop a Migration Strategy and Roadmap to guide you in the planning of a full migration. This will give your organisation the confidence to embark on your full ArcGIS Utility Network migration.

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Why 1Spatial?

Our experienced consultants and engineers, together with selected partners, have the full range of software tools, expertise, and substantial experience in data modelling, data mapping and data quality assurance. We develop specific data quality toolsets that not only help you migrate your data to Esri’s new ArcGIS Utility Network but also ensure persistent quality levels for years to come. We also exploit the supplier trust and technical competence that comes from our Silver level Esri partner accreditation.

Have confidence. Successfully migrate your data with 1Spatial

Not currently an Esri-house?

1Spatial’s approach for migrating to ArcGIS Utility Network is aimed predominantly at utilities who are currently running on Esri’s geometric network. However, if you are currently a non-Esri utility but considering moving to ArcGIS Utility Network, then please contact us and we would be delighted to work with you to put together a similar migration service to meet your needs.

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Let the 1Spatial team take you through how our approach could save you a huge amount of time and effort and guarantee your smooth migration to ArcGIS Utility Network