Smarter data for agile environmental management

Environmental protection agencies live & breathe geographic data. Everything that agencies track, monitor & manage needs accurate location data associated with it.

But, geographic records are sometimes inaccurate, especially for rural areas, and data collection can be expensive, labour-intensive and time-consuming.

We work with environment agencies around the world to make the process of field data collection more efficient and to improve the accuracy and currency of their geospatial records.

The Environment Agency’s agile development aids rapid flood defence survey

In mid-February 2014, the government announced that military engineers would be deployed to assist the Environment Agency. 250 engineers from the navy, army, RAF and Royal Marines would conduct a “rapid inspection” of the nation’s 150,000 most critical flood defence assets to assess damage. These assets range from 15 – 20 kilometre long embankments to single sluice gates or outfalls. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond stated that, “we’re going to try and do in five weeks what would be about a two year programme of inspection.”

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Rules-Based Approach

Our automated, rules-based approach to data management dramatically reduces the time and cost of data validation, cleansing, integration and conflation.

Our user-defined, user-managed validation rules can run automatically on surveyors’ mobile devices, at the point of collection to ensure that what is entered conforms to requirements. No expensive re-visits, no second-guessing; just smarter data captured correctly. Even in areas with little or no mobile connectivity.

In an emergency, accurate geospatial data speeds up an effective response especially when it can be easily shared so that all respondents have the same view of the landscape. Our solutions create a single, central repository of environmental data. We support the integration of data from multiple sources, comparing and validating similar data to ensure your core data is always the best it can be.

Compliance with international standards can be tested and even automatically applied using our rules-engine to ensure your data is accurate, current and interoperable with other stakeholders’ systems.

The UK’s Environment Agency is one of our long-standing clients. We supported their urgent review of 150,000 national flood defences by quickly developing new field survey solutions that could be used by the military engineers deployed on the “rapid inspection” project.

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