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Asset Management: Let us give you back control.

Our enterprise-wide, rules-based approach puts ownership and control firmly in your hands. The experience and knowledge of your experts is encapsulated in a central set of user-managed rules that are repeatable, objective, and consistently applied. Your experts are therefore freed up to focus on driving innovation and the time and expense of effective data stewardship is dramatically reduced.

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Press Release: Esri Partner Network Award

1Spatial Receives the ‘Web GIS Transformation Award’ at the global 2021 Esri Partner Conference.

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The Challenge

Many DOT’s manage their databases in siloed environments based on types of assets (Pavement, Culverts, Bridges, Roads, etc.) and/or types of data (LRS, GIS, CAD, etc.). However, innovative DOT’s are realizing these systems must be incorporated for improved resource planning. This will also help to meet federal guideline submissions like Highway Performance Monitoring Systems (HPMS) and Model Inventory of Roadway Elements (MIRE). Due to the unique requirements of individual assets and various business needs these assets are rarely managed by one overarching product. Therefore, forward leaning organizations are implementing workflows and processes to combine these systems to meet business requirements more seamlessly.

Several DOT’s are implementing Asset Management Systems that have several challenges and risks. There have been numerous studies that have shown data integration projects can be risky. In fact, according to the article “Drowning in Dirty Data [¹]”, it is estimated that 88% of all data integration projects fail mainly due to poor data quality. To mitigate the risks of poor data quality, you must be able to quantify the risk by assessing each asset system.

CalTrans Case Study

Click below to read our Caltrans Use Case.

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The Solution

At 1Spatial, we are paving the way to help State Departments of Transportation (DOT’s) with their data management workflows and processes. 1Spatial solutions automate even the most complex processes for management, integration, and manipulation of data. 1Spatial works with transportation agencies on building Data Quality Management Plans. 1Spatial facilitates business rule workshops with subject matter experts and stakeholders to determine what rules need to be applied to different asset systems. The business rules are then configured by 1Spatial’s 1Integrate technology to assess each asset system. This includes validation checks that measure not just each individual asset system, but also validate across assets. For example, combining the LRS, Bridge and Pavement Data to determine if there are bridges reported in the pavement system not represented in the database.

Our team has subject matter expertise in transportation agencies for Data Governance, Asset Management, Data Quality Workshops/Assessments and Data Supply Chains which all implement 1Integrate technology.

Want to learn more? Click here to see how 1Spatial is working at Caltrans to assess their asset management data.

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