Smarter Signing, Lighting and Guarding

Automated Traffic Management Plans

Maintaining Network Assets

In the operation and maintenance of network assets, it is often necessary to put in place temporary traffic management measures to facilitate safe road works, temporary closures, or incident management, whilst keeping the traffic flowing as freely as possible. Health and Safety legislation imposes a duty on traffic management designers to ensure that their temporary traffic management arrangements are installed, modified and maintained throughout all of the work undertaken at a site. For locations of high impact, a Traffic Management Plan must be submitted for approval to the Local Highway Authority.

Automating Rules Generation

Such plans must be compliant with rules regarding how signing, lighting and guarding equipment is provisioned and laid out according to the nature of the work and the layout of the road. These rules are described in Safety at Street Works and Road Works – A Code of Practice and in Chapter 8 of the
Traffic Signs Manual. Traffic Management Plans are typically produced in the form of a CAD drawing provided by specialist departments or third parties. Non automated methods mean long production times and high production costs, especially if there are multiple amendments to make and mistakes to correct. For any organisation undertaking street works that are compliant with the rules, 1streetworks automates the production of Traffic Management Plans, Inventory Lists and Impacted Addresses Letters.

Enabling our customers to…

  • Automate the production of compliant Traffic Management Plans – Saving time and money
  • Automate the production of Equipment Lists – Better inventory management for traffic management layouts
  • Automate the production of Impacted Addresses Letters – Better information for the public on planned street works
  • Ensure compliance by strict adherence to the rules governing signing, lighting and guarding


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