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Live incident mapping for ACT Emergency Services Agency


ESA required a methodology to pull useable incident information from its corporate databases into a web-based mapping system. They needed a workflow to extract data and transform a subset of incidents and relevant attribution into web useable files. These files, which were to be created every minute, then needed to be ingested into a web mapping portal.

1Spatial developed a fully functional prototype of the website that handled information for all of ESA and also Internal Mashups for each of the individual ESA services, so that they could also display only their relevant incident types.


ESA utilises a constantly updated database, which stores incidents collected from different services such as the Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service and Ambulance Service. In addition to the challenges that this live feed of data presented, they also needed to consider the following:

  • Individual service departments required access to different incident types with certain attribution
  • Only a segment of the recorded information was able to be presented to the public


Data Creation

1Spatial created multiple workflows via Safe Software’s FME

Server that:

  • Extracts Oracle incident, vehicle, crew and asset data
  • Transformes the non-spatial data into useable, relevant KML, GeoJSON and GeoRSS files
  • Executes automatically every minute

Data Presentation

A subset of this data is provided to the public, via an Incident Map website presented in Google Maps. In order to be able to provide meaningful information to each stakeholder, multiple internal webpages were also created.

Audit and Cleansing

1Spatial provided a system-wide audit and cleansing of the FME workflows. In conjunction with this, active workflows were also documented and aligned with best practices.


ESA use the developed architecture and feeds in emergency situations every day, assisting them to make
faster and more effective decisions. 1Spatial provides ongoing support to ESA to maintain these services.

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