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Implementing FME Server to provide automation, time and cost savings for City of Melbourne


City of Melbourne has used Safe Software’s FME Desktop for many years to efficiently manage its wide-range of data. They recently purchased FME Server to provide them with a centralised data repository and to counter the massive increase in demand for complex spatial overlays and joins. The implementation of FME Server has greatly benefited the Council, reducing processing time and automating various previously manual tasks.


City of Melbourne were looking to work with 1Spatial to help them overcome a number of key challenges they were facing.

These included:

  • large geo-processing tasks that took many hours to complete on local machines
  • the requirement of staff to perform ETL tasks themselves; some of which were being recreated each time they were needed
  • the issue of licenses of FME Desktop, which were being tied up for large amounts of time whilst processing was taking place
  • the need for a centralised data repository, accurate data and timely dataset delivery, which was being driven by the new GIS web browser


1Spatial provided onsite consultancy to analyse local procedures and offload them to a server environment. The following consulting services were provided to meet City of Melbourne requirements:

  • FME Server installation, customisation and upgrades Customised and informal training (FME Desktop and FME Server)
  • In-depth documentation
  • Generic workspace creation
  • Best practices rundown
  • New workspace creation
  • Scheduling of repeated tasks
  • Integration with 3rd party software
  • Remote support


1Spatial is continuing to work with City of Melbourne on an annual basis to assist with software upgrades,
consultancy for best practices, tips and tricks and also to look at analysing their local procedures to help
implement further efficiencies in the future.

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