Written by Rebecca Meagor, FME Administrator, 1Spatial

October 2020…what a year it has been so far. As the leaves start to turn brown and the nights begin to draw in, we might cast our minds back to a time when the words “Pandemic” and “Furlough” would rarely have been used day to day, and “Covid-19” was unheard of.

So much has changed, the workplace has altered dramatically. From empty offices to non- existent commutes, we have all faced a steep learning curve, as remote working has blurred the boundaries between home and office. But working remotely has proven for many to be productive, and technology has enabled us to keep safe and engaged with our colleagues.

Here in the FME Division at 1Spatial the changes have impacted us in the same way as everyone else, all suddenly having to find a new way to keep working.  But it’s been hugely rewarding to work together with our clients to show that we can do things differently but equally as successfully.

Historically training has been viewed by some as a luxury or a “nice to have”. As a result, it’s often the first item to be crossed off the list when budgets are reigned in. However, continued learning and development are key now, more so than ever. Bringing people together online to share knowledge and develop or hone new skills is good for the individual, good for teams and good for business. If any good can come from a new way of working, it’s that it has given employees and organisations time to reassess how we use our time. For many, a greater focus on working more efficiently and flexibly has been critical, in a time where we’ve had to juggle multiple roles of carer, community support and teacher, amongst others, during lock-down.

Over the past six months 1Spatial has been able to provide the same level of commitment and expertise from our Certified FME Trainers and Certified FME Professional Training team,  but with the added flexibility of running courses online, over non-traditional time frames to suit home working and optimise the learning experience…..and we have had some great feedback!

As a global Platinum Authorised Partner of Safe Software and FME reseller, 1Spatial’s accredited FME training enables you to realise your full investment in FME, by showing you how to use it more effectively, opening up previously undiscovered possibilities.

Join one of our online courses with the same trainers you’d have met in person, to learn how to manage your data as well as your translation and transformation challenges as efficiently as possible. The only real difference with our online classes is that you’ll have to make your own coffee!

We have a number of public online courses scheduled for the remainder of 2020 and, guidelines allowing, are planning to run in-person courses in Glasgow and Cambridge in December and January. Please see the link to our courses here.

Our FME Certified Trainers all have a wealth of experience providing mentoring, training, technical support and consultancy services working alongside our customers. Our trainers deliver a range of standard FME training courses, but we are also flexible to be able to adapt the content to meet changing business requirements. Click here to find out more about them and the work they do.

If you think you might be interested in something other than the advertised courses, we would love to hear from you. We offer bespoke content, as well as private training options and a member of our FME Division would be happy to discuss the course content, cost and answer any questions you may have. Please click here to get in touch.