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Build trust in your geospatial data using the OS Data Hub and 1Spatial Software  

Author: Matthew White, 1Spatial

The use of authoritative geospatial data provides public sector organisations with the spatial context to make operational and evidence-based decisions, by giving them the understanding of the place where those decisions have an effect. The impact of the decisions made using authoritative data highlights the need for the data to be trusted and to be of good quality. With the focus and recognised importance of authoritative geospatial data, greater emphasis is being placed on how it is governed.

Public sector organisations are looking to use authoritative geospatial data to validate and improve their own important data. For example, it is vital that for the emergency services the location of an incident is correct to minimise the risk to public safety in incident response and investigations. Therefore, emergency services can use authoritative data sources as a reference point with which to cross reference and validate their own important data.

There are many examples of authoritative geospatial data sources across the public sector, including Ordnance Survey (OS) Great Britain.

Public sector organisations rely on OS’s world-leading authoritative data to deliver critical infrastructure and services across Britain. From blue lights to streetlights more than 5,000 public sector organisations across Great Britain use OS data for public good, from delivering local services through town and parish and community councils right through to preparing for smart cities and building up environmental resilience.

Members of the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement can now sign up to the Public Sector Plan on the OS Data Hub, and benefit from more efficient data management and transform how they work with OS data using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

APIs are another way of accessing OS authoritative data. The overriding benefit of using OS’s data APIs is that they make data management and data access more efficient, saving you time and resources. OS’s APIs gives you direct access to up-to-date data, which means you don’t have to spend time downloading and managing data. Other benefits of using the APIs include providing new ways of interacting with data and using the same data across multiple applications to get a consistent view.

So, how can you achieve value from OS’s Data Hub authoritative data?

We would like to invite you to join OS and 1Spatial’s webinar on 18th March where we will focus on how you can build trust and data quality for decision making, using OS’s Data Hub APIs and the 1Spatial Platform.

OS and 1Spatial will present how you can use OS’s Data Hub API’s to make your geospatial data fit for purpose and accessible.

OS will be giving an overview of the OS Data Hub, showing how to access Great Britain’s authoritative geospatial data and details of the OS Features API.

1Spatial will give examples showing the 1Spatial Platform as a set of software components for data quality and data governance, which combines servers, portals, dashboards, SDKs, APIs, business-focused applications and our 1Integrate rules engine, that can be used to ensure your data is current, complete, consistent and coordinated using the OS Data Hub APIs.

Watch our on-demand webinar