• Date: 08th to 11th of July 2024
  • Location: Newcastle Racecourse
  • More information: learn more.

We are Proud Lunch Sponsors of the Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival

Supporting Northumbrian Water and their initiatives is something we are passionate about. This event fosters innovation, encourages out-of-the-box thinking, and helps us better understand your data challenges and how we can collaboratively address them

Meet Our Experts

Join our utilities specialists, Adam Douglas and Rich Moss, joined by other team members at stand 26. They’re eager to discuss your data needs and demonstrate how our solutions can make a difference.

Why do we attend and sponsor?

Attending the Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival allows us to:

  • Connect with our customers.
  • Showcase new updates.
  • Demonstrate how our smart data management and integration solutions can enhance data quality, validation, storage, and presentation through third-party products.
  • Our solutions support broader initiatives like environmental protection, community enhancement, the drive to net zero, improved resilience to climatic events (such as flooding and drought), and reducing associated harms

Join Us in the Sprints

The 1Spatial team will also participate in the festival’s dynamic sprints, designed to deepen our understanding of the challenges our customers face and how we can provide effective solutions.

Discover Our Solutions

At the festival, Adam Douglas, Rich Moss, and our team will be on hand to discuss your data issues. They will be presenting our innovative solutions, including:

  • Utility Network Migration​
  • Pipe Inference
  • Data Management

What are the benefits of accurate, complete, and timely spatial data?

  • Increase revenues – accurately report the scale of your network to the regulator

  • Enhance customer service – provide rapid, complete answers to queries about leaks, water quality or maintenance works

  • Lower operating costs – improve street works efficiency and reduce fines

  • Reduce risk – avoid asset strikes

  • Target investment – focus funds on assets where outcomes can be maximised

  • Avoid fines – ensure valid supply point data is submitted to the market.

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