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David Eagle, Head of FME Division at 1Spatial - Data Integration 'as-a-service'

The construction and engineering industries thrive on the exchange of data and information, however if that data is in a format or a structure you can't easily interpret, it introduces project delays. Delays typically mean penalties and these need to be avoided at all

Deploying a data integration platform for a relatively short project though, can be an overhead that is hard to justify, especially when you're working to a budget. That's where a managed service for FME; the defacto standard for data translation and transformation, can save you time, administrative effort and budget, with 1Spatial hosting a cloud based ETL service for you, either as a subscription or a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) commercial model.

In this session David Eagle, 1Spatial's FME Division Manager will explain a little about the benefits afforded by a managed service for FME.

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