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David Eagle, Head of FME Division - Extracting information from data with FME

Information resides in data, data resides in a format... but what if you can't read that format? What if you can't query the file or the database? What if your asset inventory needs to be restructured before you submit it to your client? What if you need to inspect your GIS land ownership dataset and overlay your CAD and BIM plans to do an initial review to spot clashes? What if...You need FME, that's what! In this session David Eagle, 1Spatial's FME Division Manager will explain a little about the support that FME has for some of the common data 'containers' used in the AEC industry and how that can speed up data interrogation and exchange.

If you have any questions about this presentation or would like to tell us about your data challenge, please get in touch.