Like any migration to a new system, it can feel a bit overwhelming from the outset.

As well as new technology to get to grips with, and new skills and knowledge needed for your staff, you’ll want a seamless migration. To manage this process with minimal disruption and successfully move all your current data to the new system, 1Spatial can support you.

In this webinar, we talk about how Data quality issues can have unforeseen impacts on the migration of your source data to a Utility Network (UN) model. One small data error can have future implications, preventing you from successfully carrying out tasks such as running traces on your UN dataset.

Highlights include

  • Data Readiness
  • Data Quality
  • How to discover issues in your data

Who this is for?

  • Those considering a move to the Utility Network
  • Those already undergoing migration and want to hear how to overcome data quality issues

Why you need to consider your data quality when moving to the Esri Utility Network?

  • Utility Network rules require a certain level of data quality before you migrate - UN loves clean data.
  • Migrating data that contains quality issues will result in many errors that are hard to unravel. Cleaning it upfront will save lots of time and effort.
  • The Utility Network has streamlined the data model and implemented substantial data validation rules. Many customers report that the biggest pain is all the data errors and inconsistencies this process discovers - Esri blog