During this webinar Nicola Pearson from the Government and Industry Interoperability Group gives a presentation about the asset information journey, Government policy context, the need for asset information interoperability and evolving asset information management.

Emma Walker from the Environment Agency follows, giving a presentation about Environment Agency’s asset information management journey, with a specific focus on asset information assurance using 1Spatial’s rules-based technology.

Adrian Porter from 1Spatial then presentations about his asset information management experiences, working with different organisations.

We look forward to sharing knowledge and identifying its application across government, utilities and transportation to help you improve your journey to smarter asset information assurance.

Meet the Speakers

Case Study

Delivering reliable digital data and information management for EA's physical flood and coastal defence assets

“1Spatial’s 1Integrate technology and Safe Software’s FME Server technology provides robust asset data and information assurance capabilities, to enable our strategic objectives and further digital transformation.  The automated geoCOBie data assurance processes for collecting, collating, analysing, and sharing data appropriately on asset performance provides us with the insight we need to improve productivity and deliver benefits to society.”

Karen Alford Flood and Coastal Risk Manager, Environment Agency