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Whether you're new to VertiGIS Studio or an experienced user, our free webinars are packed with tips, tricks and knowledge to take your VertiGIS Studio expertise to the next level!

With the announcement that Esri are going to retire JavaScript 3.x in July 2024, customers should start considering the move to VertiGIS Studio.

Doing nothing is not an option and the sooner a plan is in place the smoother the transition will be.

There are a number of things to be taken into consideration when migrating from Geocortex Essentials and the HTML5 viewer to VertiGIS Studio suite of products.

During this webinar our VertiGIS Studio Lead Chris Wright will detail what considerations should be taken when planning your VertiGIS Studio migration from Geocortex Essentials.  He will highlight the best approach to take to ensure a smooth transition to the new JavaScript 4.x api.  He will also highlight new functionality that can be exploited that is currently not available in Geocortex Essentials.

Join our webinar to learn why these organisations chose to grow with the VertiGIS Studio product portfolio, future proofing their investment with highly configurable, re-useable components that extend the ESRI stack.

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