1Validate is used to perform global data quality surveys and dynamic assessments focussed on specific job-based change through rules-based, automated data validation.

It allows you to assess the quality of submitted data to ensure it meets defined specifications.

1Validate can be used to:

  • Capture your data quality requirements as business rules
  • Apply business rules automatically and efficiently to spatial and non-spatial data
  • Pinpoint the exact location of errors in failing features
  • Create and manage multiple rule sets for different data products
  • Create and manage multiple versions of rules and rule sets
  • Integrate with other technologies and applications via web services
  • Scale the system by adding processing resources to increase throughput when needed
  • Define business rules using a web-based user interface without the need for programming skills
  • Validate submitted job data in the context of the existing database, only checking data that relates to the changed features.


  • Ensure consistency and customer confidence in your products through automated data validation without spending additional effort and time to manually check the data
  • Maximise your profitability by minimising costs associated with poor decision-making due to inadequate data quality
  • Gain and retain customers by providing high quality data products
  • Increase your productivity by monitoring data quality to improve business performance and ensure data conforms to regulatory or in-house business rules
  • Protect your in-house business knowledge by creating an enterprise repository of business rules defined and shared by users, without the need for specialist IT or software development skills
  • Maximise your efficiency by adopting Straight Through Processing (STP) via automation, reducing the need for manual intervention
  • Minimise operational costs by performing data validation across the enterprise regardless of location, format, volume or data model
  • Reduce infrastructure costs and improve productivity by only validating data that is affected by the job changes.

1Validate can collaborate with:

  • 1Workflow to automatically manage data flows with validation rules
  • 1Transact to guarantee the integrity of submitted job data.

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