1Data Gateway

A self-service web-portal for spatial data validation, processing and analytics

1Data Gateway provides a web-based portal to a smart, simple and controlled way to deliver validation rules, corrections and data enhancement processes for your users with no training required. 1Data Gateway can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise.

1Data Gateway offers internal, external and supply chain users a secure, fully scalable and customisable product to handle both spatial and non-spatial data files. Improve data accuracy and integration across your organisation with 1Data Gateway. Its intuitive interface provides easy and secure access, enabling users to securely upload data and download the results generated.

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Powerful Capabilities

1Data Gateway applies 1Spatial’s renowned rules-based approach to help users manage their data. For organisations dealing with complex and varied supply chains, 1Data Gateway ensures data is checked at the source. Using centralised management of suppliers, partners and rules to create a collaborative approach, it promotes efficiency in data capture and submission across the supply chain.

Projects: Landing page with defined projects

Comprehensive Dashboarding

Whenever processes are run, the result statistics are stored, and a dashboard is available to the administrator showing the data quality statistics for each project. This allows administrators to see how the quality of data from a specific project or organisation changes over time. Quality metadata is stored in a standard database and accessible through a REST API to third party BI applications and dashboards for further analysis.

Dashboard global: Global statistics dashboard

Dashboard: Statistics for a particular specification

User Focused, Data Driven

Users simply upload their data files against pre-defined validation rules, corrections and enhancement processes with ease – without the need for training.  Once processed, data can then be downloaded and results also visualised as either a pdf report or directly in a map.

Process: Summary of the process results

Scalable and Secure

With unlimited users and cloud-based deployment, 1Data Gateway has the potential to work for any organisation, no matter the size. The engines powering 1Data Gateway can scale up and achieve high performance, even under heavy use. It can be configured for secure HTTPS access with a security certificate. Only authorised users can access the system and they can only run the sessions that have been allocated to them by an administrator.

Data Supply Chain Management

Transportation and infrastructure companies, government agencies, and utility companies are among the types of organisation that can utilise 1Data Gateway to help improve productivity, lower costs and guarantee control, compliance and data governance.

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