Highway Performance Monitoring System

Validation and correction of road network data


  • Easy automation of the validation process
  • Saving your organisation time and resources
  • Reducing the risk for errors, removing subjectivity of data validation
  • Maintaining continuous data validation, ready for HPMS submission, throughout the year


The Challenge

U.S. States, Tribal and Federal agencies are responsible to report on the extent, condition, performance, use and operating characteristics of the Nation’s highways within their jurisdictions. This information is known as Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) and is used for the data driven decision process within FHWA, the DOT, and the Congress and for apportioning Federal-aid Highway Funds to individual States. These jurisdictions own and maintain their own route Linear Reference System (LRS) data and the ancillary data items (also known as events) along the network.

The current process for preparing the data for submission to FHWA can be arduous, in some cases manual or using tools that are only an interpretation of the HPMS validation rules. Data that is submitted must meet the HPMS guidelines that are validated through FHWA’s internal HPMS validation system. Failure to submit a completed valid dataset by the deadline can lead to withholding of FHWA funds to the DOT. It is important to get this data right on the first submission to ensure meeting the submission deadlines.


The Solution

1Spatial’s HPMS solution uses a rules-based approach to implement the HPMS validation rules into your network data. The solution is configured to use the exact same HPMS validation rules that are implemented at FHWA. By implementing this solution and automating the validation process within your organisation, it will improve the operational activity, saving both time and resource. Moreover, by automating the process, it reduces the risk for error, which allows the organisation to trust in the data by removing the subjectivity. The rules-based approach helps state departments evaluate the data and make decisions quickly based on the available information.

It is a government requirement that the data should be submitted and it is crucial because funding for the Department of Transport depends on the accuracy and completeness of this data. This solution enables the organisation to maintain their data for HPMS submissions throughout the year, turning an arduous event into a simple and continuous process.


The Result 

Automating a previously manual process, to validate the data to ensure its quality and ability to meet FHWA HPMS submission requirements results in saving organisations time and resources. This automated process reduces the risk of errors, removing the subjectivity of a manual process, as well as reducing, if not eliminating inevitable delivery delays. The time consuming ‘event’ of ensuring data accuracy for submission, is now a simple, continuous process that is maintained throughout the year.


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