Our Strategy


1Spatial’s strategy is to deliver long-term shareholder value by generating profits and cash as a result of a business model focused on maximising operational effectiveness and achieving scalable revenue growth in the Geospatial software market. Where appropriate, value will be enhanced by acquisitions.

What we do

1Spatial is a technology enabled solutions provider and global leader in managing geospatial data – creating innovative solutions to meet clients’ evolving needs.

Cleansing, enhancing and successfully extracting strategic value from spatial data is the focus of our entire group. Our goal is to drive major improvements in clients’ operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and enable them to realise significant new business opportunities.

Our people, with extensive industry knowledge, work in close collaboration with global clients to achieve their goals across key sectors including government, land management, utilities and transportation.



Why we are different – our approach and technology

Our approach is to ensure that our clients have the best solution to support their business needs and aspirations. We create these solutions through a number of different approaches:

  • Our Team – with many years of deep industry expertise and insight into the use of geospatial data across many industries, we work closely with our clients’ teams to assess, identify and provide solutions.
  • Our Technology – unique patented software products and tools provide an automated approach to cleansing, enhancing and using spatial data which we deploy as part of client solutions. A key product in our solutions portfolio is 1Integrate, which provides automated data validation, cleaning, transformation and enhancement for your data.
  • Our Partners – from our extensive network of long-term partners, we provide overall solutions for our clients. Our partners include: Esri, Oracle, Safe Software and Latitude Geographics.


Our Geographies

We cover all territories but have offices in the following locations: