1Spatial is committed to promoting diversity and providing equality of opportunity to all employees and job applicants, and welcomes people from different backgrounds.

1Spatial is committed to ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and that its environment is free from unlawful discrimination on the grounds of race, gender (including gender reassignment), marital status, sexual orientation, age, ethnic or national origin, disability, religion or belief.

We will not treat an employee or applicant for a post less favourably because of disability, part-time or fixed-term status unless this can be justified as necessary on operational, health and safety or legal grounds. 1Spatial will also take all practicable steps to ensure that disabled people are able to participate in its business activities, making reasonable adjustments wherever possible.

This policy impacts on recruitment, career development and training, terms of employment and benefits, grievances and disciplinary procedures, dismissals and redundancies, the way we manage staff, and treat and communicate with each other.

All our staff recruitment references our externally available Recruitment Privacy Policy. Our Equal Opportunity Policy is also stated in our Company Handbook.

1Spatial expects each member of staff to enter into the spirit of the policy and to promote a positive working culture which welcomes diversity and treats people fairly.

Striving to ensure that the work environment is free of harassment and bullying and that everyone is treated with dignity and respect is an important aspect of ensuring equality of opportunity in employment.