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1Spatial listed as an approved supplier of data management solutions for UK police

Cambridge, UK, ( 1Spatial, the global geospatial software and solutions company, is pleased to announce they have been selected to join the Prokura Framework as an approved supplier of data management services and solutions. This is a framework of organisations that have been strategically selected because they have the ability to provide UK policing with cost-effective and compliant technology solutions.

What is Prokura?

The Prokura Framework is designed to provide UK policing with the ability to procure technology, including digital transformation and managed services, without the needs for extended and costly procurement exercises.

Benefits of Prokura;

  • Procure at pace
  • Commercially flexible
  • Technical assurance
  • Economies of scale
  • OJEU compliant framework
  • Ability to secure long-term contracts

What 1Spatial can offer:

Data is an essential asset for proactive and preventative solutions to protect the public from harm.
As a newly approved supplier on the Prokura Framework, 1Spatial provides a combination of professional services and automated data management technology from their data experts.
By managing both spatial and non-spatial data, 1Spatial endeavours to improve data governance, to drive improvements to operational efficiency and therefore ensure higher quality data that can enable the NPCC National Policing Digital Strategy.

For more information on Prokura, please follow the link:

Jonathan Shears, Managing Director, 1Spatial says: “We are very excited at 1Spatial to be selected as an approved supplier of Data Management solutions to police forces across the UK via the Prokura framework. As we all know, any analysis or law enforcement decision is only as good as the data on which it is based, which is why 1Spatial has developed a range of powerful data validation and integrity tools to support data migration, cleansing and quality maintenance solutions for enterprise-wide users.”

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