Conferences 7th Feb - 9th Feb 2022
DGI 2022

1Spatial’s Head of Defence, Dan Warner, will be in attendance at the upcoming DGI event, the world’s leading internation...

Conferences 8th Mar - 9th Mar 2022
BAPCO Annual Conference 2022

1Spatial’s Senior Business Development Consultant, Phill Ridley, will be in attendance at the upcoming BAPCO event, brin...

Conferences 16th Mar - 16th Mar 2022
Accelerate: Rail 2022

Minesh Naran, our Head of Transportation and Infrastructure will be in attendance at Accelerate: Rail 2022.

Webinars 6th Apr - 6th Apr 2022
FME 2022 – 5 hot features you might have missed

In this session we’ll highlight some of our favourite features for FME 2022 and why you might want to take a closer look...

Conferences 17th May - 18th May 2022
Utility Week Live

1Spatial is delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s event, within the EIC Innovation Zone. Utility Week Live is the UK...

Webinars 15th Jun - 15th Jun 2022
FME Desktop - How to get the most from Cache mode

Ever used cache-mode in FME Desktop? Really! You haven’t! Let us show you how, it’ll change your workspace authoring lif...

Webinars 17th Aug - 17th Aug 2022
FME Server - How to get the most from Automations

If you’d like to know how to build an automation, or to learn when using one might be handy or just need some help getti...

Conferences 23rd Aug - 26th Aug 2022
FME User Conference 2022

1Spatial is delighted to be a sponsor at the up-coming FME User Conference. Our own FME experts from both Australia and ...

Webinars 12th Oct - 12th Oct 2022
FME Platform - Managing Parameters

This session will cover how and where ‘parameters’ are useful and we’ll get to see how to use the functionality in Workb...

Conferences 10th Nov - 10th Nov 2022
Smarter Data, Smarter World 2022

Save the date to join us on 10th November 2022 in London for a packed day featuring industry leaders, our own in house e...

Webinars 14th Dec - 14th Dec 2022
FME Platform - Managing database and web connections 101

Database and web connections help you connect to the databases that matter to you and the API’s and web services that yo...