Webinars 27th Jan - 27th Jan 2021
Geocortex Access Control

Find out how Geocortex Access Control can help provide secure access to your data.

Conferences 2nd Feb - 4th Feb 2021
Police Digital Summit

1Spatial is delighted to be a Silver Sponsor of the Digital Police Summit. Join Phill Ridley as he presents on 3rd Febru...

Conferences 4th Feb - 4th Feb 2021
The Future of Rail Infrastructure in the UK

Mark Bell, 1Spatial’s Head of Transportation and Infrastructure is attending the up-coming event.

Conferences 11th Feb - 11th Feb 2021
Next Steps for Geospatial Data in the UK

Claire Milverton, 1Spatial’s CEO, will be presenting at the conference, which examines the future for location-based dat...

Conferences 23rd Feb - 24th Feb 2021
AGI Scotland Annual Conference 2021

1Spatial is delighted to sponsor the AGI Scotland Annual Conference, taking place online

Webinars 24th Feb - 24th Feb 2021
Geocortex Item Manager

The new kid on the block, Geocortex Item Manager allows you to manage your ArcGIS Portal items.

Conferences 2nd Mar - 4th Mar 2021
BAPCO 2021

We look forward to being part of the BAPCO event, which will provide a dedicated online experience for professionals in ...

Conferences 15th Mar - 17th Mar 2021
Esri Partner Conference

Members of the 1Spatial Team will be in attendance at this years virtual Esri Partner Conference.

Webinars 17th Mar - 17th Mar 2021
Geocortex Printing

Geocortex Printing enables end users to create high-resolution PDF maps of their current web mapping session, on demand.

Conferences 17th Mar - 18th Mar 2021
Utility Week Investor Summit

Join Jessica Hampton, 1Spatial’s Commercial Head of Utilities, at the UK’s only pan-utility event bringing together gove...

Webinars 28th Apr - 28th Apr 2021
Geocortex Reporting

Learn how to create production quality, printable reports with spatial data, non-spatial data, maps, and charts.

Webinars 19th May - 19th May 2021
Geocortex Workflow

Discover how Geocortex Workflow can automate your business processes.

Webinars 23rd Jun - 23rd Jun 2021
Geocortex Analytics

Understand use patterns, quantify and report on GIS infrastructure return-on-investment using near-real time data analys...

Conferences 24th Aug - 27th Aug 2021
FME User Conference 2021

1Spatial is delighted to be a sponsor at the FME User Conference. Our own FME experts from both the UK and Australia wil...

Conferences 10th Nov - 10th Nov 2021
Smarter Data, Smarter World 2021

Join us for our 2021 Smarter Data, Smarter World event. Please register for free now!