FME Desktop

Data translation doesn’t need to be time-consuming

A smart alternative to writing code, FME® Desktop makes converting data between potentially hundreds of formats quick and simple. With a drag and drop interface, users can create visual data workflows, to automate day to day tasks, perform a one-off conversion or manage a large data migration project. FME Desktop has a myriad of data and environment connectivity possibilities with the ability to read a humble Excel spreadsheet or an Esri Shapefile or alternatively use its flexible HTTP functions to fetch data from the thousands of APIs that are increasingly appearing.

Everything starts with FME Workbench, part of FME Desktop. Workspaces (the data models that do the hard work) are authored in FME Desktop and can be run in the same environment or promoted to the enterprise and run, perhaps “as a service” on FME Server.

FME Desktop is used to:

  • Exchange data between CAD and GIS systems
  • Migrate, load and issue change-only-updates to spatial databases
  • Undertake format-to-format data conversion and translation
  • Integrate and conflate data
  • Connect applications by reformatting data on a schedule
  • Convert and translate spatial data
  • Reproject spatial data coordinate systems
  • Restructure data models
  • Carry out data quality assurance and validation
  • Visually inspect data without the need for translation… and so much more.

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