Unlocking the power of high-quality Geospatial Data Infrastructures 

1Spatial work together with government sectors around the world. We help maintain public trust in Government decision-making to accelerate delivery of economic, social and environmental benefits derived from geospatial data. We work to enhance government’s geospatial readiness by evolving geospatial data infrastructures to deliver authoritative data, ensuring government organisations can rely on smarter data for evidence-based decision making, resulting in benefits to the economy, environment and society.

We do this by helping deliver and maintain a geospatial data infrastructure for what happens ‘where’ with an organisation’s data. This allows government to make informed evidence-based decisions when setting regulations, collecting taxes and providing public services. Throughout all our work with data and technology, our determination and innovation ensures that we provide our customers with the best solutions and help to facilitate a safer, smarter and more sustainable future for everyone.

Solution: Boundaries

Ensuring that the master data that is stored by national agencies, is up to date, in a world that is ever-changing.

It is vitally important to keep this master data store up to date, whilst ensuring the accuracy and transparency of the data. The biggest challenge that agencies face, is data being submitted that is inaccurate or invalid, which costs the agency time and money to correct.

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Solution: Rural Payments

Mastering agri-land registration data for payments to farmers, traders and land owners

Government organisations have to make millions of payments per year to agricultural businesses, aligned with national and/or international agricultural policies. It essential that accurate payments are made, in order to support businesses and rural development, whilst preventing irregularities.

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Solution: Law Enforcement

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our police force 

This Law Enforcement Solution uses ‘Location Master Data Management‘ to manage and validate the police force data using 1Spatial’s intelligent data led approach, to ensure data quality throughout the entire data-set.

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Solution: Next Generation 911

Ensuring data is accurate, to improve the efficiency of our Emergency Services 

The 1Spatial Next Generation 911 Solution, provides validation of network data, address data and the National Emergency Numbers Association (NENA).

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What it’s like working with 1Spatial…

1Spatial are passionate about data and work collaboratively with our customers, to unlock the value of their data to deliver the best solution for their business needs. We maintain an open and honest partnership with our customers, taking the time to understand business needs at entry level.

Unlocking the power of data! For our customers and the world around them… together making a safer, smarter and more sustainable world for everyone.



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