Law Enforcement

Using geospatial data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our police force 


  • Saving time and resources through disseminating information quickly and efficiently to officers in the field, and giving officers confidence in the data they receive
  • An accurate system of record, that all law enforcement departments can work from
  • Providing quality data, ensuring that key strategic decisions are made in confidence
  • Real-time data captured and validated as fit for purpose in the field, giving decision makers accurate and timely data


The Challenge 

Location data is critical, ensuring police forces are able to provide the best level of law enforcement. Reporting incidents relies on an accurate system of record, however, there is often conflicting address data in use within the crime system which can result in false positives or missing data. This means that the location pinpointed in the crime system, may bear no direct relationship with that in the command and control or crime intelligence system. Moreover, it is difficult to accurately locate remote or non-addressable locations. All these factors contribute to making the incident response rate less efficient.

Intelligence led policing has a need for an accurate system of record. However, police forces often find they are using multiple datasets, from which it can be complicated to extract and put into one non-technical viewer for use by officers across multiple departments. An overwhelming amount of data and multiple datasets can make it difficult to disseminate information out to officers in the field and equally difficult to collect information from them.

The manual data capture, cleansing and validation process is a time consuming and costly procedure, making predicting future trends difficult and resource intensive. Stretched budgets have resulted in intelligence teams working on multiple projects simultaneously and could be completing manual tasks that may not be an efficient use of their time.


The Solution

1Spatial’s Law Enforcement Solution uses Location Master Data Management to manage and validate crime location data, using 1Spatial’s intelligent rules-based approach, to ensure the system of reference and  data infrastructure is fit for purpose. By working with accurate data, the police force will notice considerable operational efficiencies, reducing the time it takes to respond to an incident and a reduction in crime with intelligence led policing. Ultimately, this results in communities feeling safer in their homes and notable cost saving for the police force.

In addition this solution creates an automated intelligence gathering and analytics capability, for officers to use without the need to solely rely on intelligence teams for project management. Freeing up resource for intelligence officers, to concentrate on intelligence analysis.

The mobile element of this solution allows project managers to disseminate information to officers in the field. Our mobile offering enables workers in the field to receive tasks in real-time and return information to their department. By working through one central database, all departments within the police force will have access to the same system of reference, which will ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the police force.

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The Result 

This solution enables police forces to work effectively across multiple departments by using 1Spatial’s Law Enforcement solution to ensure that all departments are working from the same accurate system of reference. This system of reference is made accessible by officers across multiple departments through an easy to use non-technical viewer, ensuring that officers will have confidence in the data provided and decisions can be made faster and in confidence.

The mobile element allows officers in the field to provide real-time updates to officers at Head Quarters. This allows all departments to have a clear overview of all activities within the police force, across the specified deployments, therefore saving police departments considerable time and resource.

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