The new era of Digital Utilities is here, are you ready? 

Providing safe and reliable supply of product to happy customers is the fundamental objective for all utility companies. How and to what degree of success is what really divides the market. As utility organisations increasingly transform into digital organisations; machine learning, digital twins and preventative action is becoming common practise.  

However, in a regulated industry where targets are becoming more challenging, spending is restricted and penalties for ‘underperformance’ are a harsh reality, it is vital that these large investments are successful.  

All of these innovative technologies require data inputs with a high level of completeness and quality. They provide decision-makers with actionable insights, but the output of these systems will always rely on the quality of data input.  

With this in mind,1Spatial provides utility solutions with data at the core. From locating underground assets to capturing accurate information on the welfare of your customers, 1Spatial collaborates with utility companies to design targeted solutions that benefit the business from the boardroom to the field.  

Below are some examples of 1Spatial’s utility-focused solutions;


Solution: Traffic Management Automation Plan

Enables your organisation to automate the production of Traffic Management Plans, whilst ensuring the plan is compliant with the current regulations. The map-based interface provides Traffic Management Plans within seconds that are clear and concise, making it simple to use tool that has clearly defined rules.

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Solution: Automated Schematics 

Utilities have used schematic diagrams operationally for many years. The Automated Schematics Solution generates schematic diagrams from the organisation’s live asset repository. Enabling the production of accurate, up to date schematic diagrams on-demand.

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Solution: Incident Management

Provides a solution for managing incidents easily and efficiently, with the use of quality-driven data. Field engineers can access the application from their mobile or tablet, to update Head Quarters in real-time on the progress of managing a specific incident, saving the organisation time and resources.

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Solution: Leakage

This solution accurately identifies assets with a high propensity to leak or fail. This data is displayed in a map view providing engineers with additional insight enabling them to quickly prioritise their investigations and rapidly repair faults. Using the mobile element, field-engineers would then be able to report back to HQ in real-time.

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Solution: Pipe Inference

Multiplying the value utilities receive from their data. This data driven solution allows utilities to infer missing assets and ensure that all customers are on the map. This solution can complete utilities vital operational datasets, improving their customer service and operational efficiency.

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What it’s like working with 1Spatial…

1Spatial are passionate about data and work collaboratively with our customers, to unlock the value of their data to deliver the best solution for their business needs. We maintain an open and honest partnership with our customers, taking the time to understand business needs at entry level.

Unlocking the power of data! For our customers and the world around them… together making a safer, smarter and more sustainable world for everyone.



  • Download the 1Spatial ‘Little Book of Data Quality‘ ebook to explore how geospatial data is increasingly central to decision-making for both business and the consumer.