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FME for Water Utilities

In this recording we’ll look at how FME can be used to solve your data challenges with a focus on the water utilities industry.

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FME 2018 – 5 hot features you might have missed

FME 2018 has landed and there’s a lot to take in, so much so, that what might seem like an insignificant new feature at first can have some serious benefits to your ETL routines. During this recording we’ll highlight some of our favourite features and why you might want to take a closer look. Click here to watch



An Introduction to Geocortex Workflow 5

Geocortex Workflow 5 is a new product that turns sophisticated business processes into simple, guided end-user interactions. During this recording we will show you how Geocortex provides an alternative to custom development through live demonstrations and expert knowledge. Click here to watch



An Introduction to FME Server

During this recording we’ll give you a beginners overview and understanding of what some of the capabilities are and how you can fit it into your environment to solve problems by using FME as a service rather than being tied to the Desktop. Click here to watch



Introduction to FME Desktop

FME is the global leader in extract, transform and load (ETL) technology solutions that help data professionals and organisations solve their data interoperability challenges. Join us in this webinar for a beginner’s overview to cover the fundamentals of the product and some of the key capabilities that allow you to take control of your data.  Click here to watch



Multi scale data shouldn’t require large scale effort!

Providers of geospatial data invest a large amount of time in producing maps (digital or paper) at different scales. Watch our free, 30-minute webinar to see how we can help you overcome this data challenge. Click here to watch



Using Open Data with FME

Five-years on from the launch of the open data initiative, and open data is still as relevant and exciting today – providing us with access to lots of data published by public bodies. In this webinar we will look at how you can use FME in your open data toolkit. Click here to watch



Relieve the pain of Positional Accuracy Improvement projects

There’s just never a “right time” to run a Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) project, but there is a “right way” – one that minimises risk, disruption and cost. Watch our 30-minute webinar to find out more. Click here to watch



Processing the “obscure” with FME

During this webinar recording we’ll cover a few of the more obscure tasks that will hopefully wet your appetite for how you can get even more value from your investment in FME. Click here to watch




Building and managing connected and disconnected applications for ArcGIS

During this webinar recording you will discover how Geocortex Essentials is used to configure ArcGIS applications for use on multiple device platforms for both connected and disconnected field users.
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FME 2017 – 5 hot features you might have missed

During this webinar recording we’ll highlight some of our favourite features and why you might want to take a closer look at the latest release from Safe Software. Click here to watch



Understanding return-on-investment from GIS infrastructure

During this webinar recording you will discover how to get more out of your GIS infrastructure with application performance monitoring software that pays for itself. Click here to watch



Tuning FME 2017 for speedy data processing

During this webinar recording we’ll highlight some useful performance tips and tricks with the latest version of FME, to help your data flow faster and more efficiently to your target environment. Click here to watch



Real time collaboration in Esri web mapping applications

During this webinar recording you’ll discover how Geocortex Decision Support helps you visualise & understand the current situation as it develops & collaborate with your team using shared live maps & “marker” tools. Click here to watch