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Manage your telecoms assets inside and outside plant

Are you responsible for a managing telecommunications assets in an industrial facility, large multi-premise site, transportation network or a high-security site? Do you need a complete inventory of your inside and outside plant assets and active equipment in order to maintain optimal connectivity and security? 1Telecomms gives you global visibility of your site's total facilities, including network interconnections on a 2D plan, and describes the spatial (including vertical) or logical relationship between them, ensuring business continuity, efficiency and cost control.

The complete GIS solution for telecommunications asset management

1Telecomms is geared for managing fibre optic and telecommunication assets across a range of facilities, including industrial sites, transportation network operators and large corporate premises. It is perfectly suited to all types of sites that need to manage kilometers of cables and multi-premise/mulit-storey buildings, including:

  • hospitals
  • large organisational headquarters/ campuses
  • commercial buildings
  • high security facilities such as nuclear power stations
  • universities
  • large public buildings
  • public places such as train stations or airports.

Supporting major industrial sites

1Telecomms has already been implemented in major organisations in Europe to enable efficient network and plant management, covering:

  • Geolocation of infrastructure
  • Interconnection between sites
  • Interconnection between buildings
  • Network infrastructure optimisation
  • Asset management
  • Connectivity management

Improves service delivery and reduces the burden on IT support teams

  • “Tree”-navigation on the ground level (2D plane) to the premises of a site
  • Site plans, including building rights-of-way
  • Full detail of civil engineering and inter-site underground links
  • Management of indoor-outdoor cable networks
  • Cable occupancy rate
  • Document management
  • Ability to manage other types of networks, e.g. water, gas, electricity

Keeps track of network equipment inside your facility

  • Hierarchical visualization of building elements and levels
  • Verticality management with cable path representation
  • Location and details on the equipment on each level plan
  • Managing vertical deployment
  • Management of of technical rooms, eg. server or active equipment rooms
  • Allocation of computer workstations

Enables smart connectivity

  • User-intuitive visualisation of equipment
  • Equipment occupancy rate
  • Detailed description of assets
  • Synoptic and schematic views
  • Dynamic reports
  • Automatic routing
  • Realistic and intuitive presentations
  • Improved performance

Provides a full inventory for constructing, deploying and managing your assets

  • 1Telecomms centralises all asset information, its location and its associated documentation in a single repository to allow web and mobile access by different user profiles.
  • It offers pre-integrated and configurable modules for easy and rapid integration through preconfigured element libraries.
  • With 1Telecomms, you can control network consistency, conduct searches and automatically calculate optical routes.
  • Access a complete inventory of civil engineering works and assets, integrating an indoor view and / or an outdoor view.

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Our deep industry experience in the telecommunications GIS space means we can support you across a vast range of digital infrastructures. To find out how we can help you manage your telecom data, please contact us.

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