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Managing and maintaining telecom data to ensure high-performance communication networks

As the demand for data explodes, operational models must be hyper-efficient. From transmission optimization to efficient infrastructure operations, managers need reliable and accurate real-time information about their infrastructure and assets to satisfy demanding customers. To achieve these goals, companies are looking for efficient and adaptable people, processes and systems.

Telecommunications GIS for operations and decision support

1Telecomms is a geographic information system dedicated to the management of fiber optic and telecommunication networks, which offers specific sector oriented functionalities and cartographic and schematic views to support the construction, deployment, operation and maintenance of telecommunication networks.

1Telecomms addresses operators, operators, engineering and construction firms, as well as local authorities by allowing them to locate their infrastructures and to have a reliable inventory of their assets and equipment, to operate and maintain them efficiently

1Telecomms manages FttH and underground networks, as well as aerial and copper networks.

Full web collaborative solution

1Telecomms centralises all the information, its location and its associated documentation in a single repository to allow web and mobile access by different user profiles.

From the preliminary design studies (APS) to the file of executed work (FEW), the solution can produce and distribute numerous maps and schematic views, such as the preliminary design map, the territorial coverage maps, connection matrix, and box plans, which are useful for all phases of construction or operation of a telecommunications network.


Composed of complete and interoperable modules, the software adapts to your functional needs and to your specific activity:

  • Infrastructure Module,
  • Connectivity Module,
  • Schematic Module
  • Verticality Module (FTTH inside the building)
  • Document management module
  • Catalog management module

The 1Telecomms information system is a physical inventory system for the entire network.

  • Design functionalities allow to feed and structure the centralized database as the construction progresses,
  • Possibility of initializing the database in a single integration, from the pre-project phase,
  • Automated data entry and batch integration processes can be implemented at any phase of the project,
  • Internal software rules ensure data integrity and topological connectivity from civil engineering to fiber and ports.

1Telecomms provides views, analysis and reports that help managers forecast and evaluate their ability to lease or mutualise their telecom infrastructure.

  • Professional plans from the web or desktop,
  • Pre-configured reports (occupancy charges,..),
  • Automatic generation of cell occupancy,
  • Network analysis with constraints to discover the physical path to which a subscriber is connected
    Multi-criteria queries with assistant,
  • Custom templates and labels,
  • Advanced layout on desktop client (AutoCAD/ArcGIS) for delegatees or operators

1Telecomms provides highly innovative interfaces and tools designed to improve your daily productivity, facilitate the production of drawings of cabling plans, reduce costs by providing an exhaustive description of the network in a only a few clicks on the web browser.

  • Cartographic interface to consult and update civil engineering data,
  • Attribute-based updates of vector data through ergonomic forms,
  • Detailed schematic views,
  • Synoptic views for dynamic calculation of optical routes,
  • Vertical cabling module, with vertical and level views for FTTH cables inside the building,
  • ...
  • Exchange of standardized data in Geo Standard ANT V2.0 format (Grace THD) taking into account the rules of the different stakeholders of a Very High Speed project;
  • Import of Orange PIT files, control the import and generate an integration report,
  • We offer tools for automating data exchanges with service providers, in particular for exporting and integrating survey plans from service provider data,
  • interface with field survey tools in disconnected mode

1Telecomms interfaces easily with third-party software already installed, such as customer relationship management tools, CMMS software, or mobile field survey tools.

More information

Our recognized experience in telecom GIS allows us to support you in your projects for all types of digital infrastructures. To learn more about how our solutions can help you manage your telecom data, please contact us.